New Construction Inspections

During a home’s construction process, the most common request we receive is that of a pre-drywall inspection. This is performed to ensure that the home is being built according to specification, and that what the builder has agreed to is actually taking place.

When drywall is hung, it makes it harder to properly inspect electrical work, plumbing, and other aspects of the home’s construction. While it’s not unusual for an inspection to be ordered at other times, doing so before drywall is installed provides a better opportunity to inspect the home’s progress.

When you contact us for this service, our team at Stauss Inspections will work to give you assurance that your home is being built just as you requested. This includes inspections to the foundation, roof, electrical and HVAC systems, plumbing, walls, crawl space, floors, and more.

Most reputable builders have come to appreciate this extra set of eyes. They act as a form of protection, not only for the homeowner, but the builder, as well.

Stauss Inspections can also take a set of pre-drywall videos and/or photos for the homeowner to have on file. Our experience has shown that these come in handy if there happens to be an issue with the home’s construction. They serve as a way to investigate what may be in a wall or under the flooring.

Are you in the process of building? Please, give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss pricing.

New Construction Inspections